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Pixar Reveals Photos of New Characters for ‘Incredibles 2’

The adventures of our favorite suburban superhero family, the Parrs, will continue in The Incredibles 2. But Pixar has been keeping information surrounding the plot of the film a well kept secret. Up until now, all we’ve seen is a teaser of Baby Jack-Jack using his plethora of powers but thats all.

Well, now Pixar took to their Twitter account to tease some new information. The original cast of characters and most of the actors who voiced them have returned but now Pixar is giving fans a look into the new characters we can look forward to seeing and the actors who voiced them. Check out the series of tweets below:

Up first is Bob Odenkirk as a wealthy telecommunications big-wig named Winston Deavor. He loves the Supers and has been a supporter of them returning to the spotlight. The film will apparently see him trying to find a Super to help him sway public perception of the Supers. Catherine Keener will voice Winston’s tech savvy sister, Evelyn Deavor, who is the true brains behind the Deavors’ operation.

Johnathan Banks will be reprising his role as Agent Rick Dicker who is an employee of the Super Relocation Program. Sophia Bush will play a superhero named Voyd. She has the ability to create voids that manipulate objects making them disappear and reappear at will. She is also a huge fan of Elasti-Girl. Lastly, Isabella Rossellini will be voicing a foreign diginitary only known as Ambassador who also supports the legal return of Supers everywhere.

So what do you think of all the new characters in the film? Are you trying to piece together the film’s plot like we are? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

SOURCE: Entertainment Weekly, Twitter

Incredibles 2 dashes into theaters June 15, 2018.

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