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First Trailer for Rooster Teeth’s ‘gen:LOCK’ Gives First Look at Diverse Cast

Initially teased at RTX 2017 last July, the first trailer for Rooster Teeth’s next show gen:LOCK hit the internet today. Wasting no time after the conclusion of volume 5 of their hit series RWBY, RTAnimation has already begun laying a foundation of hype for a more “mature” story.

Nearly 5 years since the release of RWBY, Gray G. Haddock, Rooster Teeth’s head of animation is looking to make a show for RT fans as they continue to age with the company. The story of gen:LOCK is intended to be, “slightly more mature in [its] storytelling and could appeal to the RWBY fans as they continue to grow up.” Gray also mentions pulling inspiration from anime giants like Ghost in the Shell, Gundam, Aldnoah Zero, and the works of Gen Urobuchi.

Maintaining the emphasis on diversity from previous announcements, we were brought new details on the world of gen:LOCK:

“People with one set of views are done being patient with people with other views, and there’s a particular portion of the global culture that has recognized that even though they’re spread out among former nation-states, they have certain things in common, and organize to do a territory grab, so they can form new areas around the world that are very much a mono-culture representing just their views. Then you have everyone else who doesn’t agree with that perspective.”

In the trailer, we were given slightly more information regarding this, with the silhouettes of the main cast being revealed for the first time. The main cast will consist of team members from Japan, the U.K., the Ukrainian/Russian area, and the Middle East. All of which have had their names (likely codenames) revealed in this most recent trailer. Leading this will be our Brooklyn-raised protagonist, Julien Chase. Who’s character we were given a deeper insight into:

“He can apply his former combat experience and signature fighting style in unique ways to what it’s like to drive a mech. He’s gone through some tragedy we’ll talk about the first episode of the show, and he’s having to adjust to life after that. He’s charming, funny, and the first guy to break the ice and make sure people around him are doing okay. But over the course of the first year, we’ll learn exactly what he went through that he’s struggling against.”

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Source: Collider

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