REPORT: Black Widow Movie Planned for 2020

Not too long ago, it was released that a script was in the works for a standalone Black Widow movie.  And given with how well female-centric movies have been doing in the past year, it was no surprise that Marvel would hop on board after fans have cried out for years for a Black Widow film.


Now, it has been reported that Scarlett Johansson’s take on the iconic hero will have an estimated release date for some time in 2020.  This information comes from an inside source at the Daily Mail that suggests that Johansson signed on for a $25 million deal for the film.  Additionally, the report also suggests that Jude Law and Ben Mendelsohn may be joining the film as co-stars.

As of now, this is still a rumor with no definitive response from Marvel studios.  But time will tell and we will update you all in the future.

Are you excited for a Black Widow solo movie?  Is 2020 just too far away or a lot closer than you expected?  Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: io9


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