Ken Watanabe Lands Role in Live-Action Pokemon ‘Detective Pikachu’ Alongside Ryan Reynolds

Legendary Entertainment’s live-action Pokemon film is continuing to expand its cast!

Ken Watanabe, known for his role in The Last Samurai and countless other films, has joined the cast of Detective Pikachu alongside Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool), Justice Smith (Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom) and Kathryn Newton (Big Little Lies).

Watanabe will portray a character named Detective Yoshida, while Smith will play the lead investigator. In Detective Pikachu, the story follows Smith’s father who is kidnapped. To find him, he joins forces with Pikachu (Reynolds) and Newton’s character, who is a journalist, assists them on their journey.

The film will be directed by Rob Letterman (Monster vs. Aliens) with Nicole Perlman (Guardians of the Galaxy) and Alex Hirsch as the script writers.

Filming for the movie begins this month in London, as the movie is expected to release May 10th, 2019.

Source: THR


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