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Netflix’s Castlevania is Returning This Summer with Eight New Episodes

Netflix’s 2018 anime train is showing zero signs of stopping. Earlier today the writer of Netflix’s Castlevania series, Warren Ellis, confirmed the second part of the series will drop this summer.

While he didn’t reveal an exact release date. It could be important to note, last summer the first half became available on July 7.

Based on the 1989 video game brought to us by Konami, Castlevania presents us with an intriguing story of revenge. After Dracula’s wife is crucified for a false accusation of witchcraft, fueled by rage and heartbreak Dracula unleashes an army of demons to plague Wallachia. The series follows the last living, and disgraced, member of the Belmont clan, Trevor Belmont. Along with Sypha Belnades, a powerful mage, and Speaker, a sect persecuted by the church for sorcery. Tailing off the trio is Dracula’s half-vampire son, Alucard, who’s compassion passed on by his mother compels him to protect humans from his fathers’ wrath.

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Although we don’t have an exact release date yet it’s great to know that we’ll be getting more of the Castlevania story soon! What other video games would you like to see receive the Castlevania treatment? Let us know by dropping a comment or head over to the Discord to chat with the GoC Community!

Source: Gameinformer

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