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Dystopian Novel ‘Sinless’ is Being Developed as a New Television Series as MarVista Acquires Rights

Sarah Tarkoff’s novel Sinless is going to be making its way to television as MarVista Entertainment acquires the rights.

Sinless is the first of the thrilling Eye of the Beholder series, and takes place in a near future where beauty and ugliness takes the place of ‘right’ and ‘wrong.’ Good people are categorized as beautiful, while those who are not are considered ugly, disfigured, and suffer awful consequences such as death. In the physically moral world, Grace, the cleric’s daughter, gains knowledge of this information and finds herself at the center of the battle where morality is not easily distinguished. Despite her efforts to live a conventional life, Grace is subjected to difficult decisions that effects the lives of everyone she loves, and even herself.

MarVista’s Julianna Hays and Michael McGahey will manage the project.

Source: Deadline 



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