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Mark Millar Wants Tessa Thompson to play the New Kick-Ass

Comic Book creator Mark Millar believes that Tessa Thompson should play his new rebooted version of Kick-Ass. This new version of Kick-Ass as described by Millar as “black, a woman, and a military veteran.”

While this may be a surprise due to the past two Kick-Ass films featuring Dave Lizewski played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson, a white male, the comic books have moved towards Millar’s new Kick-Ass, Patience Lee, a veteran who has come back from Afghanistan to a new life much different than the life she lived before deployment.

While it is unclear how Millar will integrate Thompson in the possible upcoming Kick-Ass films, it’s clear that Millar does some have intent to reboot or continue the Kick-Ass film series. A Kick-Ass and Hit Girl team up film was rumored for release in 2017, however, nothing came from these rumors and there has been no word on the possibility of this moving released.

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Source: CBR

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