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‘Grown•ish’ S1 Ep. 4: ‘Starboy’ Review

In the opening scene Zoey speaks of the pressures, stress, and struggles college students are under everyday, but the real struggle is surviving the week between each Grown•ish episode.


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Episode 4 tackles the issue of college sports and the burdens put on student athletes. Cash Mooney is a hot-shot basketball player who enlists Zoey’s help in passing a course to keep him in the game. However, there are nuances to Cash’s circumstances that pull at  Zoey’s heartstrings and make her rethink some of the assumptions she made. If only Bow can witness proof that her daughter has compassion (if you do not know what I am referring to, please watch Black•ish).


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While the A-plot of this episode focuses on Zoey, the B-plot focuses on Nomi. Nomi’s story dabbles on the complexities of the LGBT community in a genuinely funny manner. There is also tiny plot revolving around Aaron as he is confronted with two issues, one about his prospective love interest and his future career as a revolutionary. The conclusion of his plot will make you feel that thing where you are sad for someone, but you also want to laugh at their pain. Oh, Aaron.

It seems each episode will focus on one main topic of college life through Zoey’s experiences and will sprinkle other elements through her friends to illustrate the broad issues that affect college students. This model is working fine as we explore who Zoey is as she is proving to be a complex and interesting heroine. However, with Nomi’s story the show runners should consider giving more time and space for the other characters to be explored. What’s so wonderful about this show is that all the college archetypes are on display, but the writing and actors provide necessary layers that make you want to engage with them just as much as the lead.


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The moments with Zoey and her crew are the best as they illustrate that these students are not the self-absorbed superficial millennials that are usually portrayed. They are complex individuals who engage with the world around them thoughtfully. Of course, they are still horny, foul mouthed, and slightly self-indulgent, but we would not have a show like that if they were fully grown.

The show has so much growing to do, and it is starting off at great place. Now, we must wait for episode 5. #thestruggleisreal

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