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The Spawn Movie Feel More like A R-Rated Movie Than Other Superhero Films

Comic book writer and Spawn Creator has stated that the new Spawn film will earn its R-rating and will stray from the typical superhero comic book movie formula.

In a recent interview he has stated, “It’s funny in Hollywood, if you say you want to do an R-rated movie, they go like ‘Oh like Deadpool and like Logan?…For me, no. Deadpool, to me, was a PG-13 action movie. It just had some naked butts and a couple f-bombs. Other than that, I thought it was the same PG-13 formula.”

McFarlane is confident in his ability to direct the upcoming film, “I don’t know how to read music and I have a Grammy Award. I’m spending my own money so who cares if it doesn’t work out? It’s a $10 million budget movie, and [a studio] would just get a 22-year-old punk director. I just want to be the old punk directing it.”

McFarlane clearly wants to push his upcoming film in a brand new direction and is not afraid to push the genre to the edge.

Are you excited for the hard R-rating for Spawn? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Gamespot


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