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A ‘Hitman’ DCTV Series Is In The Works, According To Geoff Johns.

This past weekend, on January 13th, Geoff Johns revealed that there have been discussions about the possibility of a tv show around Hitman, a popular character in the DC Comics lore.

This past weekend was #DCInDC2018, a convention exclusively made of DC Comics content, from comics to television, hosted in the capital of the US with panels, discussions, preview nights, pop-up shops, signings and more.

In one of those panels, during the Q&A part, Geoff Johns -director of DC Entertainment- was asked about Hitman, and he said he and Greg Berlanti -producer of the Arrowverse- had been in talking about a potential series about said character.

“My standard answer is, and Greg and I always joke about this, there’s always a chance because there always is a chance, but we actually are talking about Hitman.”

For those who do not know, Hitman is a 61 issue comic book series about Tommy Monaghan, a veteran who becomes a Hitman after he is bitten by an alien parasite, giving him X-Ray vision and telepathy, which combined with his military expertise make him the perfect man for that job.


As he is part of the DC Comics’ Universe, he has had some run-ins with some famous heroes, as you can see in the images above, and not always have those “run-ins” had turned for the best.

Nothing is official as of today, as Johns said “they are talking” about the possibility of the show in the Arrowverse, but we’ll keep informed about this as more things get revealed.

What do you think about this news? What are your thoughts on this potential TV show?
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Source: Bleeding Cool

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