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Brandon Routh Confirms Wally West’s Role In ‘Legends Of Tomorrow’

In a recent interview, Brandon Routh discussed the addition of Keynan Lionsdale as Wally West in Legends Of Tomorrow and how it fits the story.

Is a tale as old as time -and criticised time after time for its use- that some comic books or comic book shows tend to have a character who’s not a white cis Catholic male to exit a series so they can “make room” for another, and while most shows have “avoided it” to prevent criticism, it looks like is something Legends Of Tomorrow will have to face in the upcoming future.

A while back it was announced that Wally West might be appearing in Legends Of Tomorrow after the departure of Jefferson “Jax” Jackson (Franz Drameh) and Victor Stein (Victor Garber) from the show and his shortening in screentime on The Flash, but now, thanks to Brandon Routh -our Ray Palmer- it can be announced as a confirmation rather than speculation.


Keynan Lionsdale as Wally West in The CW

Talking with ComicBook in an interview, Routh discussed what Keiynan brings to the show as well as how Wally West will feature as one of the Legends “for a little bit” and how the trope mentioned earlier on the note won’t affect the show as, in the end, it’s all about telling a story about our place in the world.

Yeah. You know, I think that goes with the talent that Keiynan brings to his role and to this newly-forming — is it forming? — energy of him coming in to be a part of our show for a little bit. I think for the most part, our writers are writing for us as a team and putting the team first, and if we can make poignant stories about cultural differences or religious differences, then we do, but if we can’t, then we are all working together on the team to solve history, which is I feel like a place that we can get to in the world, where we can understand that we all have differences but we can all talk person to person, human to human.

Although Wally’s status on the show remains unclear, whether he’ll be a recurring role or a guest star in the show, it’s interesting to think what the future holds for the young speedster alongside the Legends.

What do you think about this news? Are you excited about Wally’s future?
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Legends of Tomorrow returns on February 12 at 8 p.m. ET/PT through The CW.

Source: Comic Book.


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