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‘The Chi’- Recap: A Riveting Tale in Redemption

The following post contains spoilers. If you have not watched this week’s episode, please return after you have done so.

In the second episode of The Chi, “Alee,” we see the beginning of each character’s evolution. Emmett, who at first was a careless manchild, is trying to figure out how to juggle work and a social life with a newborn. You can tell he tries to stay on the right path and give up the fight against sensible fatherhood. Though, when a mysterious man, Q, offers him temporary relief to his issues, it may come with a price Emmett isn’t ready to pay. Elsewhere, Ronnie and Tracey are starting back up after he “handled shit for her” and took the life of who he believed killed their son. He takes measures to ensure his tracks are covered, but paranoia drives him to chase down his only known witness, Kevin. He is left stunned and speechless when Officer Cruz, who has a pretty good hunch that Ronnie had something to do with Coogie’s murder, informs him that Coogie wasn’t the one who killed his son.


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Kevin is disappointed in Brandon for not “handling” the situation with haste after he told him who killed his brother, Coogie. And the kid can’t seem to catch a break, because not only does he have Ronnie on his heels, but also Andrea’s aggressive cousin, Maisha who seems to have taken quite a licking- I meaning liking to him. And finally, we see the unraveling of a brother riddled with grief. His mother is losing it, his girlfriend doesn’t fully empathize and to top it off, he can’t get his dead brother off of his mind. He is on a dangerous path and Ronnie may have to pay for the crimes he committed if justice won’t be served judicially.

The theme of this episode wasn’t the righting of the wrongs committed in the previous episode, but instead how their respecting circumstances will motivate them to redeem their actions. Emmett needs to grow up, and find a way to provide for not just Emmett Jr., but his other sons and himself as well, but at what cost? Ronnie still needs to find his son’s killer, as well as deal with the fact he killed an innocent child. Kevin must find a way to keep his head down and out of sight until the drama dies down. Brandon, who wanted to protect his baby brother, must find a way to avenge his death. A story of grief has turned into a riveting tale of redemption, with each character’s story intertwining at the most unlikely intersections. Will the wrongs be righted properly, or just multiplied? Tune in next Sunday at 10/9c to find out. (I hear Common makes his debut cameo.)

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