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MLS Enters Cometitive Gaming with eMLS FIFA 18 World Cup

This past weekend EA Sports announced their partnership with Major League Soccer, to establish an official esports league for FIFA 18. The esports league will represent 19 of the 23 MLS teams, in a fashion similar to what’s seen in the NBA 2K league.

Unlike 2K or the recently launched Overwatch League, each club will only consist of one player. Ensuring high-level competition as the 19 best players go head-to-head each week. After raising concerns on what will happen in the event someone is unable to compete, an MLS spokesperson clarified the confusion by telling Polygon, “some teams may choose to have multiple players represent them,” however only one player can be sent to eMLS events.

Currently, eMLS has only announced FIFA 18 as qualifying for the esports league. The league is scheduled to kick -off this April with the inaugural eMLS Cup hosted at PAX East in Boston. The cup will serve as a qualifier to the EA Sports FIFA 18 Global Series Playoffs.

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Source: Polygon

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