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Cyborg’s Solo Movie is Reportedly Still on the DCEU Film Slate

Things have been quiet with regards to Cyborg’s solo film, which has effectively begun to nurture seeds of doubt about its ever going into development. Much of the skepticism stems from the movie being absent at SDCC 2017, where a slate of in-development DC films were shown. It seems, however, that the ball is indeed still rolling.

Actor Joe Morton, who plays Cyborg’s father–Silas Stone–in Batman v Superman and Justice League, told ET (via SuperBroMovies) the following:

“From what I understand, there will be a Cyborg movie. It will be about him and I, and about the family that he came from, how he becomes the Cyborg, et cetera. But from whence he came, as well.”

Joe Morton as Silas Stone in Justice League Courtesy of WB

Joe Morton as Silas Stone in Justice League Courtesy of WB

Justice League left the hero’s origins ambiguous, as scenes from trailers that show Victor prior to his accident were evidently cut from the film. This also begs the question of how an origin film could be structured for Cyborg, given what audiences have previously seen. Would the origin-centric aspects be told in flashbacks, while the rest is post-Justice League? If not, will he have a traditional antagonist to combat? Based on the recent team up, Cyborg’s alliance with the League was the first of his heroic actions.

In addition to teasing the solo, Morton also spoke on what such a film could represent in the broader scope of popular culture:

“I think it’s very exciting. I think it’s exciting because there aren’t that many, if any, black superheros, and in his case in particular, because there is no alias, because there is nothing for him to hide behind, and that he has to be who he is all the time. I think it’s a great kind of allegory for what it means to be black in this country.”

What are your thoughts on Cyborg’s potential film being an origin story? Share your thoughts and theories in the comments below.


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