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Second Issue of ‘Calexit’ will be Released Feb. 14

Just in time for midterm elections, the next issue of politically themed comic Calexit will hit comic book shops Feb. 14.

The story focuses on the secession of California after the United States elects a fascist president.

The first issue is heading into its third printing, with a new cover from Ashley A. Woods. This new edition will be released the same day as the new issue.

calexit-third printing cover

Ashley A. Woods cover for the third printing of Calexit #1. Source: Black Mask Studios

Writer Matteo Pizzolo discussed what fans can expect from the next chapter with The Hollywood Reporter.

“The real world is still keeping up with the apocalyptic events of Calexit’s dystopia, so [artist] Amancay Nahuelpan and I continue to do a wild dance trying to keep our dark, fictional future a step ahead of the new normal,” he said. “When the series returns on February 14, with Calexit issue two, there’s a major story moment that will resonate with the headlines. It’s our Valentine’s card to Trump.”

Calexit is published by Black Mask Studios.

Have you read Calexit? What did you think of it?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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