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Bandai Namco Reveal ‘Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet’ Opening Movie & Pre-Order Perks

Bandai Namco has recently released some new teasers about their upcoming game Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet, including a video which gives fans a look at the game’s cinematic opening as well as certain perks for those who preorder it.

No actual visible gameplay is shown in the video due to it just being the opening, however, characters that have already been announced as taking part in the game can be seen.

The video can be viewed here.

The company also announced extra gifts available to gamers who preorder, but it varies by device. Some of the incentives for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players include Asuna and Kirito costumes, a Gold Assault Rifle, and a Guitar launcher as well as a Pink and Green Photon Sword, while the perks for those playing through Steam will depend on the number of pre-orders that are placed on for the game.

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Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet is scheduled for release on February 23rd.


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