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‘The Flash’s’ Wally West May Make An Appearance on ‘DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow’

Looks like Wally West may be speeding his way to another DCTV show!

In an exclusive interview with CW President Mark Pedowitz, Black Girl Nerds sat down with the president at the 2018 Winter Television Critics Association. With the recent deaths of Jefferson “Jax” Jackson (Franz Drameh) and Victor Stein (Victor Garber) as Firestorm on Legends of Tomorrow, Pedowitz mentioned that new ‘supers’ could be boarding the Waverider, including the one and only Kid Flash.

“As we’ve lost some characters this season, you will see new ones pop up,” said Pedowitz, adding that Drameh is an “incredible actor.” And without being prompted, Pedowitz quickly added that fans “might see Wally West show up on Legends.”

With that answer, BGN asked if his appearance could mean that Wally would be permanently joining Team Legends, in which Pedowitz responded with a laugh: “I can’t answer that, you’ll have to watch!”

If the speedster does show up on Legends, it will not be the first time. Kid Flash teamed up with Legends of Tomorrow‘s Citizen Steel (Nick Zano) in their Season 3 premiere, taking down bad guys together (well, Kid Flash did most of the work). And as Legends focuses on time travel with its team traveling to different time periods, it’s mostly fitting that a speedster who is capable of time travel on their own would show up on the show — just don’t take him away forever!

As you all may have noticed, sadly, Kid Flash has been underused and absent on this season of The Flash, as Wally decided to go figure himself out in Blue Valley. In an recent Q&A with fans on twitter, Lonsdale was asked about Wally’s absence. Much like Wally himself, Lonsdale needed some self-discovery as well. Check out his response below.

If showing up on Legends means that Wally West will get the screen time and focus he deserves, then I don’t mind him boarding the Waverider. However, he is Kid Flash, and deserves to be on his own show. I’m just really glad we will get to see the speedster once again on The Flash.

Excited to see Lonsdale show up on Legends of Tomorrow? Let us know in the comments below!

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