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Mario Movie from the Studio Behind ‘Minions’ Could Release by 2020

This past week Nintendo has been on a tear with news, or perhaps lack thereof, as fans collectively fall into chaos in anticipation of 2018’s first Nintendo Direct. Buried amongst all the leaks and rumors, Nintendo president Yaysumi Kimishima revealed some details on the upcoming Mario movie with the Japanese newspaper Kyoto Shinbun.

In the interview, Kimishima a shared that he hopes to finalize the deal with an animation studio soon, with an announcement following shortly after. Assuming everything goes as planned the Kimishima is shooting for the iconic character to jump onto the big screen just in time for the Tokyo Olympics.

Even with this news coming from the Nintendo President himself, it’s important to note that planning of the Mario movie has yet to be officially announced. However, rumors of the film have been swirling since an email hack in 2014. Lately, the rumor mills have been stirred up yet again claiming that the studio behind the Mario movie could be Illumination studios. The studio is best known for their work on Minions and Despicable Me.

Video game movies have had a pretty rocky history in the past. Do you think a Nintendo and Illumination team will be able to break the tradition of years of disappointment? Share your opinions with us by either dropping a comment or head over to our Discord and chat with the Geeks of Color community.

Source: Gameinformer

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