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First Look at Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock in ‘Venom’

One of the most anticipated films of the year is Sony’s Venom, which is set to launch its universe of Spider-Man spinoff movies.

The project has been clouded in secrecy, with fans wondering how the R-rated film will approach the villain/anti-hero Eddie Brock.

Director Ruben Fleischer and star Tom Hardy appeared via satellite at Brazil Comic Con to offer a few hints about what to expect. IGN also revealed the first photo of Hardy as Eddie Brock.


Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock in Venom. Source: IGN

“We want to be as true as possible to the comic with our film,” Fleischer said. “But our story is primarily based on the Lethal Protector and the Planet of the Symbiotes book.”

In Venom: Lethal Protector, Eddie makes the transition from Spider-Man villain to anti-hero when he moves from New York to San Francisco.

Planet of the Symbiotes revolves around the relationship between Eddie and his symbiote.

For his part, Hardy is committed to giving fans the big screen Venom they’ve been waiting for.

“I just wanted to say that I give you my word of honor that I’m going to do everything that I can to deliver the best Venom that I possibly can muster,” said Hardy.

Venom slithers into theaters Oct. 5.

Source: IndieWire


  1. I gotta see how this plays out…just can’t see how they can pull this off with no Spidey…maybe they’ll at least mention him…

  2. When I first heard about this movie I was so unsure, now after learning of the commitment and the references from the comics, im all in! also: tom hardy and riz ahmed??

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