Bruno Mars and Cardi B smash the remix to “Finesse”

Cardi B is riding one hell of a wave. The popular Bodak Yellow rapper’s three latest singles have taken positions in the top ten of Billboard’s prestigious Hot 100, and Cardi shows no signs of slowing down in 2018. She’s featured on the new remix to the Bruno Mars single, “Finesse”, a throwback jam that is reminiscent of the New Jack Swing era of the 90’s. If you’re looking for any apologies from Cardi, you’ll get your feelings hurt:

It’s my big Bronx boogie got all them girls shook/
My big fat ass got all them boys hooked/
Went from dolla bills and now we poppin’ rubber bands/
Bruno sang to me while I do my money dance

The original version of “Finesse”, which can be found on Bruno’s multi-platinum album “24K Magic”, features nostalgic production from The Stereotypes (known for tracks such as Fifth Harmony’s “Deliver” and Bruno’s “That’s What I Like”) and Shampoo Press & Curl. It doesn’t end there; Bruno and Cardi shot a video for the song that pays homage to the aesthetic of that beloved 90’s era, complete with a set inspired by Keenan Ivory Wayans’ comedy sketch show In Living Color, Fly Girls and Cross Colors outfits. Check out the official video below:


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