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Star Trek Discovery S1 EP 10 ‘Despite Yourself’ Spoiler-Free Review

Star Trek Discovery is back, with an episode full of intense, daring and shocking moments that will leave more than one wondering what just happened and what’s next for our characters.

The last time we were on board of The Discovery, things were pretty shaken for the crew, with some characters with an unknown fate and the entire ship in what appeared to be the remains of a lost battle, leaving us with the question… what has happened here?

Many wondered during the break that ST Discovery was going to show us the Mirror Universe in season 2, as the franchise has shown us that universe since TOS, following with DS9 and Enterprise. If you’ve never heard of this Universe, is pretty simple: everything is the same, except for the fact that in here, everyone is the exact same opposite to their counterpart in the “Main” Universe.



Mirror Universe


I won’t spoil much about Discovery’s Mirror Universe and the characters personalities but let’s just say that in here, the Klingons are the good ones…

But that’s not everything this episode had to show us, as that’s not the only mystery that was left hanging in the episode finale of the first half of this series.

I’m talking about Ash Tyler and everything surrounding him, as we know from previous episodes he’s been tortured by the Klingons. However, this episode tells us that the Klingons not only tortured Tyler, but they did something to him, something that up until that point was just a theory and could potentially be one of the most mind-blowing plot twists we’ve seen in this franchise.



Tyler and Burnham


While this episode had some really high notes that took our breath away and could even make us scream in disbelief and have our minds at 100 miles per hour trying to guess what’s coming next, it certainly has a major flaw, in my own personal opinion, and is the way Tyler’s secret was exposed as a major threat to everyone around him, even though the creators of the series have said this won’t affect a certain relationship in the show.

Note: Don’t click the link if you haven’t watched the episode and you don’t want to be spoiled about it.



Courtesy of IndieWire


In resume, the episode is an A, starting Chapter Two with a high note and some interesting storylines to be developed through this second half of this first season. If you haven’t watched this series, I recommend you to do so, as now is just the perfect time to do so, because, by the looks of it, things are only going to get more dark and twisted than what they are now.

Spoiler-ish comments about this episode: 

  • Is it me or are they trying to tell us that Lorca has a thing for Burnham?
  • I still don’t trust Lorca, there’s something wrong with him.
  • Tilly = Killy… not very original, honestly.
  • Now I don’t want Tyler and Burnham together, not at all.

Be sure to check it out every Sunday night at CBS All Access in US and Canada, while for the rest of the world is available every Monday on Netflix.

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