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Spawn Will Not Speak in Upcoming Film

Screenrant reports, Spawn will not speak in the upcoming comic book reboot according to Todd McFarlane. McFarlane states that Spawn will be similar the Shark in the classic film Jaws, showing McFarlane’s commitment to making the film a dark thriller.

The long-awaited Spawn film is being rebooted by super-geek and director, Kevin Smith, with the help of the character creator Todd McFarlane. Both McFarlane and Smith have been dropping small hints and teasers about their upcoming project, but much of the film is still a mystery.

The film, however is still in its beginning stages with McFarlane just recently signing off on the script. Blumhouse Productions has yet to give the project a proper budget. Casting has yet to be released as well. McFarlane reassured the film will be rated “R” and will earn that rating, explaining we should expect a “supernatural thriller” that is “dark and heavy”.

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Source: AZcentral, Screenrant

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