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Online Course on ‘Get Out’ Now Available for Everyone, not just UCLA Students

Get Out was arguably one of the most important movies of 2017. Not only did it reimagine the horror genre as a whole, but it also got a lot of people interested in how race plays into the horror genre—more specifically black horror. So if you are one of those people that still can’t stop thinking about the film you are in luck, as you can now take an online course on it from the comfort of your own home!

Author and UCLA lecturer Tananarive Due created an online course called “The Sunken Place” for the University’s Department of African American Studies. The class was heavily focused on Get Out, but also touched on racism, survival and black horror as a genre. In an interview with Gizmodo, Due talked about her love for the genre and how it intersects with race:

“I love horror. But it never dawned on me that I could have a Black horror course before Get Out. When a movie like that comes along, you now have a reference point to talk about everything that has come before. [“The Sunken Place”] is going to be a Black horror overview course that will be very cinema-based. It’ll look at cinema going back to the ’30s.”

The course she is offering now is the exact same one offered at UCLA, just without the credit as she announced on her Twitter account:

The course will begin on January 13 and will be taught by Due along with Steven Barnes. The six installment course will cost you $348, but prices are likely to go up as seats fill—but don’t worry, there’s payment plans in place and a bonus screenwriting course for those who register with the early bird special. It seems like the course is worth the money though—even the film’s director Jordan Peele himself is to make an appearance as a guest and will answer questions.

You can register for the online course here. 

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