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Microsoft Reportedly Developing Xbox ‘Career’ and Loot Box System

Reportedly, Microsoft is working on a new “career” system for Xbox Live that promises to reimagine the way that achievements and Gamerscore are measured. The system should supposedly help create a better experience, inspired by the limitations that Gamerscore holds for esports or speedrun players.

This system will allow players to choose more options for their Avatars, gain ranks and levels, and, of course, get loot boxes for cosmetic items for their Avatars. The system would also include quests to complete certain objectives and games, which could come with EXP or loot boxes.

These changes are still rumored, and the functionality of this system is still in the early stages of development. However, elements of this system were teased by Xbox Vice President Mike Ybarra in an interview with Windows Central, which means it very well could be accurate.


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Source: Windows Central

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