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Get Ready to Slay Giants as Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie in Future Marvel Games

Earlier this week it was announced that Valkyrie will be joining the cast of Marvel’s new run of Exiles. In the announcement, it was confirmed this new take on Valkyrie is to be based on Tessa Thompson’s portrayal in Thor: Ragnorak. Following the reveal, Bill Roseman, executive creative director of Marvel Games, took to Twitter proclaiming his excitement to incorporate Thompson’s Valkyrie into future games as well.

While his tweet was nothing more than a tease of what to expect. Based on the current release schedule of Marvel Games inferences can be made as to what Roseman was alluding to. Marvel Games is known to be working in conjunction with Square Enix on at least one major game codenamed, The Avengers Project. A game which has had few announcements since it’s debut trailer in January of last year. It’s likely that the project is still early enough in development that the addition of Thompson’s Valkyrie isn’t entirely unreasonable, if not in the base game at least as post-release content.

I hope you’re warmed up because this next one is going to be a bit of a stretch. Another possibility could be an appearance in Kingdom Hearts III. As fans have been yearning for KH III’s release, a longstanding rumor has been the inclusion of a Marvel world. A prime spot to showcase diversity amongst the colorful and uniquely designed characters of Disney and Final Fantasy.

The more diversity in video games the better so I look forward to seeing Thompson’s Valkyrie play a role in future Marvel releases. What other characters do you think should make the leap from page to console? Let us know in the comments below or join our Discord for more in-depth discussions.


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