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Adidas Reveals Upcoming Dragon Ball Z Collaboration

Last year, Hypebeast teased a possible collaboration with the anime Dragon Ball Z, reporting the possibility of seven different special edition sneakers, based on the seven dragon balls.

So far Hypebeast has revealed two of the seven sneakers that are inspired by Frieza and Cell.

The first sneaker, the Yung-1, features a white sneaker, with purple and pink accents on the midsole and the leather/mesh upper, inspired by Friezas bright pink and purple coloring.

The second sneaker is an Adidas Prosphere with an all white midsole and a completely green upper made from a lightweight and durable fabric. The pull tab on the tongue has purple accenting behind the green laces that are clearly inspired by Cell’s character design.

Hypebeast is reporting that sneakers based on Mr. Popo, Yajirobe, Tenshinhan and Mr. Satan are still in the works and the collaboration will drop later in 2018.

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Source: Hypebeast


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