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“Solo” Film Details Revealed in New Lego Set

While Disney has been keeping much of Solo under wraps, A new Lego box set has reveled some new details for the film, such as an updated and glorified Millennium Falcon and the names of some previously unknown characters.

The first detail is the full name of Woody Harrelson’s character: Tobias Beckett. Beckett will serve as Han’s mentor and will teach the young smuggler a few things in this upcoming movie. The lego sets reveal that Han and Tobias are in Imperial disguises, possibly revealing a moment in the upcoming film where these two character will be infiltrating the Empire.

The second large detail is the reveal of Emilia Clarke’s character: Qi’Ra. Not much else is revealed other than that she is included in the Han Solo Landspeeder set. This does however clear up some of the confusion with her name, some referring to her as Kura or Kira in the past.

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Source: Movieweb

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