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Ridley Scott May Direct Disney’s ‘Merlin Saga’

According to Variety, Ridley Scott’s next directorial project may be Disney’s The Merlin Saga, based on the T.A. Barron book series of the same name.

The films will be chronicling the tales of a young Merlin, the wizard who would eventually become King Arthur’s mentor according to legend. Disney is also planning to make a live-action remake of Sword and the Stone, which Scott may also direct.


Disney’s The Sword in the Stone Source:

Disney has made a conscientious effort to include Barron when discussing and producing the movie. Barron has stated on his official site,”Since this film will be based on my ‘Merlin Saga,’ they have been very inclusive of me in this process…All of us want this film to be true to the authentic young wizard who has captured the hearts of people everywhere. In addition, the people at Disney have been the best studio partners imaginable…I couldn’t be more excited!” In addition, he has also received the official script of the film which he has described as “Fabulous…even magical.”

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