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Jessica Chastain’s ‘X-Men: Dark Phoenix’ Character Name Revealed

We haven’t learned much about Fox’s upcoming X-Men: Dark Phoenix movie, especially since the merger, but that hasn’t stopped this young mutant at heart’s hopes from rising just yet! One of the biggest secrets surround the movie since production began has been Jessica Chastain’s role.


While Chastain denied her role as the Shi’ar Empire’s Queen Lilandra, we do know that she’s playing a mysterious shape-shifter. So of course the theories ran wild; fans now think that Chastain will be playing one of the shape-shifting aliens known as a Skrull. This would be a very interesting (and shady) choice for director Simon Kinberg & company since the Skrulls didn’t play a role in the iconic Dark Phoenix story & since they’re rumored to appear in Avengers: Infinity War. However, the Phoenix Force has never been one to shy away from assisting evil aliens in whatever world-dominating plan.

Oh, and guess what Chastain’s character’s name is. Smith. Did you laugh? I did. With a name like Smith and the ability to shape shift, Jessica could literally be playing anybody and it looks like we won’t have a solid clue until the first teaser drops.

What do you guys think? To Skrull or not to Skrull, that is the question. Let us know in the comments and sound off on TwitterX-Men: Dark Phoenix soars into theaters November 2nd!


Source: IGN

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  1. My hope bubble that this isn’t a mess is starting to slowly deflate…well maybe its just a plot device to connect the MCU…welp I gave it a shot…

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