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‘DareDevil’ Season Three Set Photos Have Started to Emerge

The last time fans saw Hell’s Kitchen famous vigilante was in the final episode of The Defenders where he awoke in a room after having survived an explosion in a building that he rationally shouldn’t have made it out of alive.

The series has started filming for their upcoming season and pictures from the set have begun to make their way onto the interwebs. Recently, Instagram user @tomoaeo posted pictures which include a shot of some of the casts’ personalized set chairs and another one of actor Deborah Ann Woll in what appears to be in the middle of filming a scene. Just like Charlie, Woll has been pulling triple duty recently as Karen, having appeared in The Defenders and The Punisher along with her appearances on DareDevil.

The post can be seen below:

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Daredevil season three is set to be released on Netflix sometime this year.


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