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Miles Morales’ Role in ‘Spider-Man’ for PS4 is Bigger Than Expected

According to reports, Miles Morales seems to be getting a bigger role in the new Spider-Man PlayStation 4 game than expected. In an interview with GamesTM, creative director Bryan Intihar reportedly said that Morales’ role grew from being a small part once Intihar read up on his backstory and history.

“I went back and just started reading more and more and more. I’ll be honest, I just fell in love with the character. Just like MJ can provide a different perspective on the world, I thought Miles and his relationship to Peter brings something different.”, says Intihar.

Intihar says he plans on exploring that relationship more in the game, so we can expect to see a lot of interaction between Peter and Miles.

Intihar also noted that some improvements to the game’s play functions and mechanics are being added, like putting together a sense of speed and adding variety to the animations.  Intihar says the goal is to “see more of the classic poses that you’ve seen from the comics, but also just a lot more flair and sense of style.”


As the interview shows, the development team has been doing a ton of research on the Spider-Man comics, so look forward to seeing an interesting take on both Peter and Miles in the game. Spider-Man is releasing for the PlayStation 4 in 2018.

Source: ComicBook

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