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‘Bright’ Sequel Is Officially Green-Lit Without Screenwriter Max Landis

Last month we reported that Netflix had preemptively ordered a sequel to their original movie, Bright, before the title even released on the streaming platform. Now less than two weeks since the release, Netflix has officially green-lit the sequel. All of this despite the films muddled acceptance from fans and critics.

The sequel will see the return of both stars of the film Will Smith and Joel Edgerton, along with the director David Ayer. The original screenwriter, Max Landis will not be returning, likely due to numerous accusations of sexual misconduct. Since the allegations were made Landis has gone ghost on social media and has yet to give an official response.

In place of Landis, taking charge of the script will be David Ayer, making him both the director and screenwriter of the film. Holding dual roles on a project isn’t new to Ayer, proven by his work on films Fury, and End of Watch.

While the response to the film remains rather mixed, Netflix considers Bright as a hit, earning views from 11 million U.S. Netflix users in the first three days. A report which is believed to be an underestimation due to the limitations Nielsen’s tracking.

Netflix made the announcement of the sequel with a humorous video of orcs auditioning for a role in the sequel. One of the orcs even mentions playing Shadowrun a cyberpunk urban-fantasy roleplaying game which seems to lend some inspiration to the ‘Bright’ universe.

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Source: Hollywood Reporter


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