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Nintendo Switch Claims First-Year Sales Record from PS2 in Japan

Earlier this month we reported on the Switch’s takeoff success launching the console to 10 million first-year sales, an impressive stat that Nintendo has already surpassed before the end of 2017.

This past week the Nintendo Switch has added more accolades to its first-year achievements. Not only beating out the first-year sales for the best selling console in history, the PlayStation 2 but outperforming the entirety of Wii U’s lifetime sales in Japan.

At launch the Switch was being held back due to production shortages, keeping sales to a still impressive 520,000 units, compared to the PS2’s 900,000. An increase in production along with the October release of Super Mario Odyssey helped the console double its sales from September, and the trend has only improved since then.

Besides hit titles like Mario and Zelda, contributing to the success, the console has thrived on its amazing support of indie titles. In a conversation with GameInformer developer Suda 51, the creator of Shadows of the Damned and No More Heroes, praised Nintendo for how they’ve handled indie titles.

“In my entire career as a video game creator, I’ve never had that chance before,” Suda says. “I’ve never had a platform or company really show that they care about my games or my series this much, and really offer this much support for it. I really appreciate that and it’s one of the reasons I’m really glad to be working with Nintendo. They show that they do care. That sort of care is something that I’m able to receive from Nintendo that I don’t really think I’d get from anywhere else.”


This level of care isn’t something that’s only been extended to big-name creators like Suda 51 either. This past year Nintendo has been actively nourishing their indie community, ensuring developers are receiving adequate promotion.

This new-found support of indie titles has kept me more than satisfied with my Switch providing a steady stream of quality games. Over my Winter holiday, I’ve been keeping busy with the Tiny Metal, the spiritual successor to Advance Wars. What’s keeping you playing your Switch while we’re in-between big releases?

Source: Polygon

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