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Peter Capaldi Pens Comforting Letter to 9-Year-Old Doctor Who Fan

The most recent Doctor Who Christmas special just aired with Peter Capaldi stepping down from the helm as the iconic Time Lord and Jodie Whittaker taking the reins as the first female Doctor.

With each regeneration, fans typically express sorrows of the past Doctor leaving while expressing excitement and nervousness of the new Doctor.  One such young fan, 9-year-old Brian McGilloway from Strabane, Ireland was particularly distressed about his favorite Doctor’s departure.

When learning of the 12th Doctor’s time coming to a close, the young fan sent a letter to the Time Lord actor to which Capaldi penned a prompt reply with a cheery holiday Dalek.  The actor’s response has been tweeted by the young fan’s father.

It reads:

Dear David, I hope you are having a very merry Xmas. Xmas is always good fun. Well, not always. Not every single second. Regenerating is not completely good fun. And it usually happens about Xmas-time. But you know what? Even though it can be a little bit icky (like really bad flu) it has always, always turned out good for Dr. Who. The new doctor always becomes your favorite and the one that goes… well, he never really goes, he is always there, somewhere in time and space, and if you think about him hard enough you’ll see him, and he’ll see you.

It’s like the Doctor says, “Everything ends and it’s always sad. But everything begins again, and that’s always happy. Be happy.”

So, have a brilliant Xmas, a happy new year, and a wonderful life — I’m sure you will.

All the best, Peter Capaldi, Doctor ?

Source: Variety

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