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Character Breakdown For ‘Titans’ Series May Hint At Appearance of Trigon

Although the DC Comics film universe hasn’t turned out the way producers and fans have hoped, their TV universe is thriving with no signs of stopping anytime soon. From Arrow and The Flash to Legends of Tomorrow, the TV universe includes some fan favorite DC Comics heroes and has consistently released some tolerable and even surprisingly entertaining episodes over the years. Now, that show roster is expanding even more with Titans.

The main cast for the live action adaption of our favorite teen superheroes, the Teen Titans, is official. Seeing Nightwing, Starfire, Raven, Beast Boy, Hawk and Dove together on the small screen will definitley be a sight to see. But the emergence of a new character breakdown for a future casting on the show may be hinting at one of the Titans most formidable enemies… TRIGON. Check out the breakdown below:

“EVAN LOGUE: Male, Late 30s-40s, Caucasian. Charismatic. A cult leader attempting to reunite his family. Central role for series finale. RECURRING GUEST STAR. Please submit star/cameo names. Casting early for wardrobe but the role works from Ep.111 (4/9-4/19) and Ep.112 (4/19-5/1)”

As always, castings like these have codenames for specific characters in order to avoid online leaks and to keep an element of surprise, but based on the subtle aspects of how this “Evan” character is described it’s a possibility that this character is the demon father of original Titan Raven.

Only time will tell if the speculation is true or not but it seems like the first season of Titans will pit Nightwing and friends against some sadistic cult leader and his followers.

What do you think of this breakdown? Do you agree that it could be Trigon or do you think it’s someone else? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

SOURCE: Titans Podcast

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