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‘Bloodborne’ Players Uncover Hidden Bosses

Bloodborne’s community is pretty popular for uncovering hidden content like characters and dungeons through intense data mining. Fans have recently discovered several bosses which were initially cut from the game, and the locations and methods that players can use to fight those bosses.

One of these players, Zullie the Witch, discovered a set of glyphs and codes that unlock removed bosses, allowing players to alter world states and dungeons.

One of the glyphs in particular includes a variation of the Moon Presence boss, a variation of the game’s final boss which was supposedly removed from its official release.

Other bosses can be fought in arenas and dungeons which are half finished, or simply left as testing rooms for developers to experiment with fights and items.

With FromSoftware still silent on the release of Bloodborne 2, many players find these data mining results to be the best alternative to a sequel. Earlier this month, From released a mysterious trailer at the Game Awards, but since, no new information has come out.


Source: Kotaku

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