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[Update] Rumor: Is Riley Keough Playing Poison Ivy for ‘Gotham City Sirens’?

Update: Riley Keough responded to a fan last night stating that Poison Ivy is her favourite.

Several months ago a rumor surfaced about Keough potentially playing Poison Ivy. At the time and in hindsight it looked to be a rumor imagined by fans due to a coincidental twitter following. With Ayer insisting that Gotham City Sirens is still in active development and now Keough engaging with an excited fan base it seems this rumor may hold some truth.

The story below was what was originally reported in May:

A rumor has surfaced online, apparently Riley Keough (Girlfriend Experience, Mad Max: Fury Road) may be signing onto Gotham City Sirens to play Poison Ivy. She is mostly known for her work on Starz’s Girlfriend Experience, and playing the red-headed Capable in Mad Max: Fury Road. Most recently she was in American Honey and is in the upcoming Logan Lucky from Steven Soderbergh. The rumor sprung from Keough and Ayer following each other on Twitter. Nothing else points to this rumor being true.


Photo by Stephen Lovekin

Keough is a capable actress who may very well be perfect for the role of Poison Ivy. Compared to Margot Robbie’s kinetic energy as Harley Quinn, Keough is perfect to play the level-headed, sultry, and earthy Poison Ivy. Keough has very cool, quiet, and internalized style of acting, whereas Margot Robbie is very expressive and fiery. The two would compliment each other very well. It is unclear when, but Keough is also following Robbie on Twitter.


Image via DC Comics

This is still a rumor, and Keough is a fine choice. She is still relatively unknown to mainstream audiences and she has the look. We will have to wait and see.

What do you think of this casting rumour? Who is your ultimate fancast for Poison Ivy?

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