Following a year of interesting video game-themed announcements for new rides, Universal Studios Japan has announced that it will be launching a limited time roller coaster in its park themed after Final Fantasy.

The ride, simply titled “Final Fantasy XR Ride” is a VR-enabled roller coaster, complete with headsets. Opportunities to ride are only available from January 19 to June 24, as part of Universal Studios Japan’s annual “Cool Japan” event.

The ride appears to feature both Cloud and Sephiroth engaged in battle, so it’s possible that it’s based on Final Fantasy: Advent Children. It also features Chocobos, and promises to take fans throughout the world of Final Fantasy on a thrilling adventure.

This year, Universal Studios Japan will also be debuting a Nintendo-themed world that features Mario, and potentially some Zelda characters. Here’s hoping that Universal decides to debut these rides worldwide!

Source: Kotaku

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