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‘Star Wars Battlefront 2’ Explains Small Detail in ‘The Last Jedi’ [SPOILERS]

Last week, EA launched the latest DLC for Star Wars Battlefront 2, which added film-related content to the game, including an expansion to the game’s campaign mode. The update, called Resurrection, continues Battlefront 2‘s story leading up to The Last Jedi.

The new content does not introduce an massive amount of information to support the new film, but does shed light on a small minor detail in the opening of the film. Using additional media to explain a minute moment is not something new, seeing as Rogue One‘s plot was simply to enhance a larger story.

SPOILERS for Star Wars Battlefront 2‘s campaign and The Last Jedi ahead

As we open on The Last Jedi, the Resistance is planning to bomb a First Order dreadnought. They ultimately manage to take down the ship, but not before suffering massive casualties. The scene alone doesn’t raise many questions, but there is the slight curiosity surrounding the initial decision to launch the attack. It turns out that someone from Battlefront 2 delivered the dreadnought schematics to The Resistance, assisting in the plan for attack.

Towards the end of the Battlefront 2‘s DLC campaign, the game’s main character, Iden Versio, manages to steal the plans for the dreadnought on a First Order Star Destroyer. She, herself, does not manage to escape, but her daughter Zay and partner Shiv manage to getaway on a stolen TIE Fighter. As the duo is making their way back to the Resistance, they speak with Leia and send her the plans. Then, we can assume these plans made their way into the hands of Poe Dameron, who utilizes them to plan the attack in the beginning of The Last Jedi.

After the exchange of information, Zay is tasked to meet up with other Resistance members in the Outer Rim, conveniently placing her away from the events of The Last Jedi, and possibly setting her up for a mission for future Battlefront 2 DLC.

Though the new additions to the game do not fill any of the major gaps in The Last Jedi, it does give some background information for events that occurred prior to the film, for the fans that want to delve in a little deeper into the Star Wars Universe.

Do you enjoy when alternate media supplements a larger Star Wars story? Let us know below!

The new Star Wars Battlefront 2 DLC, Resurrection, is now live and available to play on all platforms.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is in theaters now.

Source: Polygon


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