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Top Ten Choices to Play Batman

In the wake of the rumors that Ben Affleck will not be returning to the DCEU after their planned Flashpoint film (meaning he won’t be a part of Matt Reeves’ standalone Batman trilogy), we’ve all been left wondering who will be taking over as the Caped Crusader for future movies. Batman is much too big of a cash cow for Warner Bros. to let go, and the idea that they’ll recast is pretty much inevitable at this point. So, since they’re going to recast, why not play a game called ‘who could it be’?

For this game, I’m going to introduce ten men who I think are worthy candidates to portray the Dark Knight in the DCEU, who I think could not only live up to the promise that Ben Affleck arguably brought, but do something unique and different with the role that we haven’t really seen before. They’re in no particular order; I think they could all be equally well-cast and do great jobs in the role.

1. Oscar Isaac.


There’s no argument that anyone could have to convince me that the Guatemalan heartthrob wouldn’t be a perfect choice to don the black-and-grey suit. Sure, he’s not as tall as previous Batmen, but he has so much charisma and could do such an amazing job as a playboy, billionaire philanthropist that I think we would all be willing to see him give it a try. Call him up, Warner Bros. (There’s a whole host of roles I think Oscar would be amazing for!)

2. Idris Elba.


Idris Elba has been suggested for many different superhero roles over the years. Black Panther. John Stewart. Martian Manhunter. He’s even been thrown in the ring to play James Bond. But this, I believe, is the best fit for Idris’s mad skill set – because isn’t Bruce Wayne a superhero version of Bond? If nothing else, Batman v Superman proved that. Not only would it be wonderful to see a Black Batman, but I think Idris would do a phenomenal job with the role and it would be something fresh and new.

3. Jon Hamm.


Hamm is apparently Matt Reeves’ current choice to replace Affleck in The Batman, and I could not be more enthralled about this choice. I mean, Hamm literally looks like he leapt off the comic-book page. He would make such a perfect seasoned, older Bruce Wayne. Not only would he fit with the current vision the DCEU has ironed out for the character, but he would bring some wonderful gravitas to the role and amazing action sequences. I’m all for it, Reeves!

4. Benicio del Toro.


This would be a little of a different depiction, but I’d be here for it. If you’ve ever read Geoff Johns’s Batman Earth One storyline, Benicio would be perfectly cast as that version of the Caped Crusader. And since Johns is apparently going to be the adviser to the DCEU going forward, why not use his story? Benicio would certainly fit as an older, more reserved version of the character – and I think he would bring some much-needed energy to the precedings.

5. Colin Farrell.


Colin Farrell is already a Warner Bros. guy (he should’ve been Grindelwald, dammit!!) It’s rumored that he’s in the ring to play their version of John Constantine in the upcoming Justice League Dark adaptation – and while he’d be well-cast there, I actually think he would make a pretty awesome Batman. He’s got the looks, he’s got the movie star suave, and he’s proven he can handle the action sequences. Let’s go for it!

6. Daniel Henney.


You might not be familiar with Henney, but he’s a fabulous actor and I think he would be a perfect fit with the more traditional form of Batman we’re familiar with for the comics, if that’s what they’re going for. If an Asian Batman is in the cards at all, Henney would 100% be the perfect choice. He has the charisma and looks, as well as the capabilities to pull off the physicality of the role. Put him in a cowl!

7. Keanu Reeves.


Just the sentence of ‘Keanu Reeves as Batman’ has already snatched my money out of my wallet. I mean, just think about it for a second. Imagine John Wick, but in the Batsuit, with the money, VFX and imagery that would accompany the production of a Batman film. It would be absolutely stellar!

8. Karl Urban.


We’ve already seen Urban play a superhero – Judge Dredd – pretty awesomely, and he’s in the MCU, so this one is a bit unlikely. But why not? He’d be a bit of a different take on Batman, but I think he could pull it off with finesse. We already know he’s a master actor – imagine the emotion in the scenes where Bruce relives the killing of the Waynes.

9. Jason Bateman.


This may seem a bit surprising, but I have faith that Jason Bateman could play a pretty compelling Bruce Wayne. If you’ve seen Ozark, he’s proven that he can play dark – and I already know he would own the Bat-voice. Plus, he’s a bit of a riskier choice and the DCEU has proven that they take risks no matter what the cost to their reputation, so why not? Go for it.

10. Jake Gylenhaal.


This is another actor rumored to be in contention for the cowl, and I’m in favor of it – even though I honestly think he would make an amazing Joker and should replace Jared Leto. Gylenhaal is a vastly talented, underrated actor who I think could do something very interesting with the role. It’s time to see him get his due, and the thought of he and Margot Robbie interacting in any capacity is enough for me.

Whoever Warner Bros. decides to cast, let’s hope it’s someone new, fresh and exciting (and let’s hope even more that it’s a person of color!). I’m rooting for Hamm – or Oscar Isaac – the most.

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