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‘Into The Woods’ Fancast


It’s that time of year again. The Christmas season welcomes many traditions and when it comes to film, there is always a captivating musical to intrigue our ears around the holiday season. Dreamgirls, Les Miserables and even Sweeney Todd are some amazing musicals to have had film adaptions to be released around Christmas time.

That tradition continues with the release of The Greatest Showman starring Hugh Jackman, Zendaya and many more. The film tells the story of P.T. Barnum in an imaginative tale of how the Barnum and Bailey circus came to be.

In the spirit of all that is jolly and musical, it seemed only right to take a classic musical story and put a GOC spin on its roster of characters. That story is none other than Into The Woods. The award winning story has been around since the 1980s and was adapted to the screen in 2014 boasting a star-studded cast that included Emily Blunt, Chris Pine and the legend herself — Meryl Streep.

With this fancast, it was important to find talent that had a musical background and, if not, that they at least embodied the characters they portrayed. All actors were considered using the 2014 film adaption as a blueprint. Without further delay, here is the GOC Fancast for Into The Woods…

Cynthia Erivo as CINDERELLA

The role of Cinderella was played by Pitch Perfect actress Anna Kendrick. Cinderella is a classic Disney princess and must be portrayed by someone who can embody innocence, beauty, and optimism all in one. Cynthia Erivo is most known for playing Celie in the Broadway show The Color Purple for which she won a Tony Award for Best Lead Actress. She is stunning and has a powerful and captivating voice. And — a Black Cinderella! How dope would that be..?

Audra McDonald as THE WITCH

Meryl Streep is clearly Hollywood royalty. Known for being one of the best actresses across many decades. She even got an Oscar nomination for her role as The Witch, so the actress to take her place would have to have the same gravitas. Cue the incomparable Audra McDonald. The broadway phenomenon has won six Tony Awards, two Grammys and an Emmy. Her work speaks for itself. She has also acted opposite Meryl in Ricki and The Flash. Playing a villain may be new territory for her but there’s no doubt that she’d kill this role.

Titus Burgess as THE BAKER

Previously portrayed by James Corden, the goal for the The Baker was to find an actor who not only had an amazing voice but could be funny and sarcastic while doing it. Titus Burgess is most known for his role as Titus Andremedon on the Netflix original series The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt but he’s been acting on and off broadway for years. The three time Emmy nominated actor is perfect for this role. Can’t you see the potential laughs when you think about the scene where he tries to steal Red Riding Hood’s cloak? ICONIC!

Kerry Washington as The Baker’s Wife

Naive. Clumsy. Strong. Forthright. The role of the Baker’s Wife was beautifully portrayed by Emily Blunt. What other actress can embody those same traits but Kerry Washington. She may not have a budding musical resumé but she makes up for that in being able to embody everything that makes this character stand out. Come through Miss Kerry and lip sync for your life!

Auli’i Cravalho as RED RIDING HOOD

We all know the story of innocent Red Riding Hood who gets eaten by a wolf disguised as her grandmother. As outlandish as the story seems, the naive and nonchalant nature of Red Riding Hood has to believable yet fun to watch on screen. Auli’i Cravalho is a relative newcomer. Being the voice of Moana was her first major role but it doesnt mean she wasn’t born to be a star. She has the talent and the voice to own this role.

Anthony Gonzalez as JACK

Jack just loved that dirty cow didn’t he? And always found himself in some mischief. The role was beautifully portrayed by Daniel Huttlestone and the only other child actor considered to replace him is rising star Anthony Gonzalez. You may not recognize his face but he is the voice of Miguel in Pixar’s hit film CoCo. His singing voice and his experience in playing little boys who befriend interesting animals and always find themselves in a mess of trouble makes him perfect for this role.

Selma Hayek as JACK’S MOTHER

Jack’s mother is a strong, no-nonsense woman who loves her son unconditionally but isnt afraid to bop him in the head when he does something stupid. The role was brought to life by the hilarious Tracy Ullman but in this fancast who else could do this role justice but the fiercely intimidating Selma Hayek. The Oscar nominated actress would have so much fun with this role and even though this is a fantasy, how awesome would it be to see Selma chastise Jack in Spanish?


Prince Charming is supposed to represent the type of man every woman fantasizes about falling in love with. The man who takes them away from all their troubles to give them a happily ever after. Chris Pine was the embodiment of that in the 2014 film but this time that honor goes to Riz Ahmed. The extremely talented and easy-on-the-eyes actor would be a great addition to this progressive cast. We’re not sure if Riz can sing but we’re willing to overlook his potential off-pitch if it means watching him… never mind. You get the point. Talented and FINE. Enough said!


It appears being a Prince that saves a damsel in distress runs in the family bloodline. The charming and lovelorn man only known as Rapunzel’s Prince was previously portrayed by Billy Magnussen. In this film, the character is also the younger brother of Prince Charming. Avan Jogia is a shoe in for this part. Not only would he be a great looking prince but he can sing and dance as well.

GuGu Mbatha-Raw as RAPUNZEL

Locked in a tower by The Witch who she believes is her mother until a Prince comes to her aid and they fall in love. This is the tragic story of a sheltered Rapunzel. Beautiful and innocent, her immaculate yellow hair makes her almost angelic. Who better to portray such a character than the ravishing and talented GuGu Mbatha-Raw. Can she sing? All signs point to ‘no’ but she did portray a pop star in the Gina Prince-Bythewood directed film Beyond The Lights. Well GuGu, you and Kerry can be a lip-syncing dynamic duo!

Todrick Hall as THE WOLF

The role of The Wolf may be minor but it’s still important to the story being told. It was previously portrayed by Johnny Depp (don’t ask me why lol). But when it comes to the cunning and smooth-talking Wolf, Todrick Hall is the right man for the job. From Youtube star to Broadway powerhouse, Todrick is no stranger to playing larger-than-life charatcers. If you are unfamiliar with his work, just google him and see for yourself. All you need to do is put him in that Wolf costume and he can turn this “minor” character into an unforgettable spectacle that will be talked about long after the curtain closes.

Sheryl Lee Ralph, Janelle Monae and

Danielle Brooks as



Cruel, vain and petty to the tenth power. This is what is needed to portray this trio of wannabes. When it comes to the Evil Stepmother, Sheryl Lee Ralph was the one and only choice. Its her voice, her eyes and the way she delivers lines. She’s beautiful and deadly all at the same time. She is no stranger to broadway as the original Deena in Dreamgirls. As for the stepsisters; Orange Is The New Black actress Danielle Brooks and Hidden Figures star Janelle Monae are the perfect match to play off of each other. Both are known for playing inspiring, warm characters that you can connect with so to see them both in much more wicked roles would be extremely fun to watch on screen. All three women are powerhouse vocalists and would smash their roles without a doubt.

It may be a while before Hollywood decides to make another film adaption of Into The Woods. It may never happen or perhaps a special on ABC could be in this project’s future. But whatever the future holds, if the cast isn’t as grand as this one… you might as well hang it up!

What do you think of this week’s Fancast Friday? Do you agree with the actors chosen? Who would YOU consider for any of these roles? We want to hear your thoughts.

The Greatest Showman is in theaters now!

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