Netflix hit show Narcos is debuting its 4th season in 2018 and a new teaser was released today.

Showrunner Eric Newman hinted at a shift in the story, with a bigger focus on Mexico and the high demand from the U.S. Newman also revealed he is potentially eyeing an entire new cast for the future. Production for season 4 started earlier this year in Mexico City, switching locations from Colombia—a change that makes sense if that is where the story is focused on now.

The teaser revealed that Rogue One’s Diego Luna and Ant-Man’s Michael Peña will be appearing on the show this upcoming season, which means that the transition to new people is already starting.

This is not the first time that Luna and Peña work together; in 2014 Peña was cast as the lead in Luna’s English-language directorial debut “Cesar Chavez”. Peña will be also appearing in Ant-Man’s sequel and in Ava Duvernay’s highly-anticipated film A Wrinkle in Time.

Are you excited about where the show is headed? Do you like the new cast? Let us know in the comments below!


Source: Collider

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