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Mark Millar Speaks On ‘Man Of Steel’ Sequel Directed By Matthew Vaughn and More

A few days back it was announced in Comic-Con Experience 2017 Sao Paulo, Brazil, that the most recent DCEU film slate didn’t feature previously announced or rumoured films, like CyborgDeathstrokeGotham City SirensNightwing and the sequel of Man of Steel, to name a few, much to the surprise of everyone.

Although the future of the DCEU might feel uncertain for some people, especially after Warner announcing that they’re planning to make some changes in their DC Universe starting in January, there are some things that remain unchanged, like the fact that Aquaman will release on December 2018 or that the cast of Shazam! keeps growing every day.





However, despite all this previous news, it seems like Man of Steel 2 is still in development, at least according to Mark Millar, the famous comic book writer.

In a recent interview with El Fanboy Podcast, Millar revealed that director Matthew Vaughn had approached him a few months ago, through a phone call, to work with him in the sequel for Man of Steel, but due to his commitment with Netflix, he could not be part of it.

“He [Matthew Vaughn] and I are massive Superman fans. I mean, we worship Richard Donner. We love the Christopher Reeve movies. He actually phoned me up a few months ago, and he said, “Hey, listen, DC, they’re very interested in me doing Man of Steel 2. Do you want to come in and do this?’ And I was like, ‘I’m exclusive to Netflix for years. We can’t even have that conversation.’ And he was like, ‘Oh, man. What’re the chances of this?’ And then he kind of drifted away. And he’s attached himself to a couple of things and all that. Y’know so, it’s one of those things that might, I mean- if somebody phones Matthew up and offers him enough money it could all change tomorrow,”



Matthew Vaughn


Later, when asked about the Superman movie he and Vaughn would’ve made if the studio had accepted their pitch back in 2008, he said the word most related to Superman would’ve been the main topic of the film.

“It was actually a massive, uplifting, hopeful thing. There’s no point doing Superman unless you feel good. You should walk out of ‘Superman’ just feeling like a million dollars. You should feel great after a Superman film. The movie itself was going to be a big, vast fun epic. But ‘Superman’s got to be a laugh, as well.”

While his first idea for a Superman movie never came to see the day of light, it’s starting to look like we might actually see his version of Superman sometime in the future. We just have to be patient.

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While we wait for a Man of Steel 2, be sure to check out Justice League still in most theatres around you.

Source:  El Fanboy Podcast (via JoBlo).


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