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‘Catherine’ Is Back with an All New… Rin!?

Nights at the Stray Sheep have just become exceedingly complicated as a third “Catherine” is introduced to the series.

Following rumors from Ryokutya2089 earlier this week, Atlus has confirmed that a Catherine remake, titled Catherine: Full Body is under works for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

In 2011 Catherine left gamers in awe by providing a superb puzzle-platformer, along with a remarkable take on adult relationships. Once again we’ll embark on a nightmare-fueled adventure as Vincent suffers through a quarter-life crisis while battling his own commitment issues. This announcement came with the introduction to, a third “Catherine” and a slew of information as to what we can expect in the future.

On December 22, at 7:30 pm JST, Atlus will be holding another live-stream where the first trailer for Catherine: Full Body will be debuted. The stream will have many special guests throughout the event, including the voice actors from the original Japanese release.

Since the announcement from Atlus, Ryokuya has come forward with more details of the upcoming release. The third “Catherine” will be Rin, a pianist who has recently been hired at the Stray Sheep. Compared to Catherine and Katherine,  Rin is said to be more “docile” and is a comforting shoulder for Vincent while suffering from his nightmares.

Much like Atlus’ rereleases of the Persona series, Catherine: Full Body will include new features to enhance the experience. Realizing the popularity of Catherine’s competitive scene, Full Body will add an online competitive mode. Along with this new mode, players will be introduced to new building mechanics and difficulty levels. Development is said to be around 50% complete so we won’t be finding our way back to the Stray Sheep for some time.

The announcement of Catherine on the Vita would have sent me over the moon a couple years ago, but with the release of the Switch my reaction is hardly more than a stifled “hooray.” If you’re one of the few on Vita Island, will Catherine: Full Body be enough to make you dust off your Vita?

Source: Persona Central

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