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Lin-Manuel Miranda Announces Monthly ‘Hamildrops’

A year ago, Lin-Manuel Miranda released The Hamilton Mixtape, a followup album to the massively popular Hamilton musical, featuring a number of guest performances of iconic songs and remixes from the show. This week, Lin announced Hamildrops, a series of new Hamilton content to come out every month for a year, from December 2017 to December 2018.

This month’s release is a song about Ben Franklin, the one missing founding father from the show. When writing the original Hamilton score, Lin wrote a Franklin song, but never set it to music. This month’s Hamildrop features music by The Decemberists performing Ben Franklin’s song.


On the subject of the sequel to the Hamilton Mixtape, Lin said:

Though the second mixtape is delayed, we may be seeing a compilation album of the Hamildrops next year.

It’s looking like these drops are going to feature exclusive, original unreleased content from the show, along with more famous covers. What covers are you hoping to see in upcoming Hamildrops? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Lin-Manuel Miranda

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