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A Potential Jet Set Radio Title Has Been Rejected By Sega

Dinosaur Games, a studio based in Austin, has released a visual proof of concept for Jet Set Radio Evolution. The trailer shows us Beat, our graffiti-tagging, inline skating hero dancing and grinding his way through the vibrant city. Along with concept art for two other characters and a detailed look at the city.

“We made this visual proof of concept after Sony expressed interest in seeing the characters in motion at GDC 2017,” said the owner of Dinosaur Games, Jesse Sosa. He later claims that Sony “loved” what they saw from the concept video. Yet even with the praise, Sega declined the project without giving the developer any information as to why.

Jesse Sosa continues to say, “To be honest, I really don’t care if my studio ever gets to make this. I just want SOMEONE, ANYONE, to make a new Jet Set Radio,” and while it may not be under the Jet Set Radio name his wish may be coming true for console owners soon. Showcased at PlayStation Experience 2017, Hover: Revolt of Gamers is a new title by the indie developer Fusty Game, that seems to be heavily influenced by the Jet Set franchise.

What do you think about the news of the rejection of a new Jet Set Radio title? I’m holding out for the possibility Sega has their own plans for reviving the franchise. Tweet at us and leave a comment to let us know what you think!

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