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Chad Stahelski to Direct ‘Kill or Be Killed’ Film Adaptation

Can’t get enough of the work of Chad Stahelski? Well, then we’ve got good news for you. The Co-Directer for the John Wick series has just been signed on to direct the comic-to-film adaptation of Kill or Be Killed. 

Kill or Be Killed was created by Ed Brubaker and artist Sean Phillips back in 2016. The comic centers around a depressed college student named Dylan who survives a suicide attempt, only to be later greeted by a demon who confesses that not only was he the reason Dylan’s life was spared, but from now on, every person he kills equals one more month he gets to live. The comic was met with mostly positive reviews and explores vigilante justice as well as how Dylan’s new life path affects those around him and was even nominated for four Eisner Awards: “Best Continuing Series”, “Best Writer”, “Best Cover Artist”, and “Best Coloring”.

Stahelski is currently attached to the Highlander reboot and his other directorial credits include The ExpendablesThe Matrix Trilogy and Spider-Man 2.The film is set to be written by Dan Casey.

The movie currently has no expected release date.

Have you read Kill or Be Killed? How do you feel about it being brought to the big screen? Tell us how you feel in the comments below!


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