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Twitch Partners with the NBA to Innovate Sports Broadcasting

Twitch, the company well-known for innovating video-game streaming, wants watching NBA games to be a more interactive experience.

A long stretch from its origin as JustinTV, the now Amazon-owned platform wants to expand its reach beyond it’s already 15 million daily active users. Starting on December, 15 Twitch will begin streaming NBA G League games at These streams will provide much more than your average broadcast TV experiences. Taking full advantage of the platform the NBA streams will include interactive stats, fan-loyalty reward programs, and even co-streaming. Co-streaming, an option that will allow Twitch users to broadcast NBA game’s on their own channels to provide their own unique commentary

Gamifying the entire event, the streams will make viewing player, team, game and season stats as simple as clicking the team’s logo. Viewers interacting with their favorite team will earn them points on the “loyalty display” allowing them to unlock achievements and earn prizes.

NBA G League President Malcolm Turner shows a full grasp of Twitch culture with his statement, “By leveraging fan commentary, new technology, and a passionate community, Twitch elevates video in a unique, engaging way that resonates with young viewers,” So If this sounds like a quick cash grab to you, worry not.

How do you feel about watching live sports on Twitch? Are you worried the new audience might dampen the current gaming culture of the platform?

Source: Variety


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