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Stan Lee’s Cameo in ‘Marvel’s Runaways’ Revealed; SPOILERS

Stan Lee and the late Jack Kirby are the creative masterminds behind the fictional universe we call Marvel Comics. The characters they created have resonated and inspired millions around the world. So when the Marvel Universe was adapted on screen, the filmmakers found a subtle yet unique way to honor their legacy.

Cue the infamous cameo by Stan Lee. The legend himself has made around 40 cameos in Marvel related films and TV shows to date. The Hulu original series Marvel’s Runaways is no different.


In the sixth episode of Marvel’s Runaways entitled “Metamorphosis”, the teens have concluded that their parents must pay for their unforgiveable crimes of sacrificing children for a still unknown reason. This cult their parents belong to, called The Pride, has recordings of every sacrifice they have ever made and if the teens can get the tapes they will have proof of their parents crimes.

In order to get the tapes, they must break into the Minoru’s heavily fortified, high-tech server and with the Pride hosting a Gala at Wiz Technologies it serves as the perfect alibi to do it. The teens decide to get their own limo for the event and when the limo pulls up the driver is none other than STAN LEE!!!

Limo driver is just another odd job that Lee can add to his long list of cameos.

What did you think of Stan Lee’s cameo in Runaways? What is your favorite cameo so far? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

SOURCE: comicbook

Marvel’s Runaways is available for streaming on Hulu with new episodes released every Tuesday.

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