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‘The New Mutants’ Tease a New Look at Maise Williams as Wolfsbane

In the latest teaser for The New Mutants, features a more in depth look at Maise Williams’ character Rahne Sinclair/Wolfsbane.

It’s clear that director, Josh Boone, is promoting The New Mutants as a unique, horror film with mutants, rather than just an action film about the X-Men. This teaser only cements the horror film aesthetic even further.

From the teaser, it is revealed that Maise William’s character Rahne Sinclair/Wolfsbane struggles with her Catholicism and her mutant abilities.

In the movie, it seems that Wolfsbane, along with her other mutant counterparts are treated in a hospital for individuals with mutant abilities they cannot control.

Boone is keeping much of the movie under wraps, however, he has revealed that the plot will be heavily influenced by the “Demon Bear Saga” arc created by Chris Clairmont and Bill Sienkiewicz, one of the darkest X-men stories of all time.

What do you think about Maise William’s as Wolfsbane? Let us know in the comments below!



  1. I am glad to know about The Demon Bear arc, as that was one of my all time favorite New Mutants storylines. It was the first one I ever read.

  2. Chris Claremont has got to be the hands down best X writer. By the way that absolutely looks like Rahne…just hop the accent is right…

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